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Manage Your Finances During Tough Times With This Crisis Money Guide

Manage your finances during tough times with this crisis money guide

Is it over yet? And by “it” we mean the most recent crisis that has emerged in these uncertain times.

At The Penny Hoarder, we’re committed to providing you with ways to protect yourself, your family, and your finances as we weather the financial ups and downs of 2020.

We keep adding articles on how to make, save, and protect your money amid uncertainty. But we also deal with the tough money problems that arise after the worst – and your finances need help recovering.

We have summarized topics that we believe are most relevant to the situation we are in right now. We will update it regularly to keep providing you with the most relevant information. (Look for the NEW! For the latest additions.)

It always helps to have some money in the bank. The Penny Hoarder Daily is great for ideas on how to get your savings straight to your inbox.

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How to protect yourself and your finances in 2020

Whether you are directly affected by recent events or dealing with the aftermath of recent calamity, you can use our strategies and advice to lessen the impact on your finances.

We’ve divided our reporting into categories so figuring out how to handle your finances is less important.

earn money

It is difficult to survive a crisis without money coming in.

Where can you find work-from-home jobs?

Verizon will fill nearly 1,000 permanent work-from-home jobs in 12 states
Check out our expanded work-from-home job portal, which is updated every day of the week
25 online jobs to help you build the life and career you want
Don’t Be Fooled: Land Legit Work-From-Home Jobs with This Expert Guide
11 side gigs that you can do completely from home
Make money on social distancing by teaching kids
States hire thousands of contact tracers for up to $ 30 an hour
Are you looking for a remote job? Check out these 29 work-from-home companies
Quick ways to make money

Disappointment and Profit: This is where you can sell products online for extra cash
Cloth face masks are in demand. Here’s how to make and sell them
5 Ways To Use Your Talents For Money During The Pandemic
When incomes fall, these people do not buckle. You get creative
If you want (or want to) play it

UPS requires 100,000 part-time and full-time seasonal workers. How to apply
DoorDash starts delivering groceries. This is how the service works
A look at Shiftsmart: An app that connects you to personal or remote appearances
Advice from an Uber Eats driver who made $ 8,000 in one month
This Uber Eats driver made $ 8,000 in a month and documented everything on TikTok
Ripe Side Gig Opportunity: Help Students Learn Online
On-demand moving company Bellhop hires 4,000 gig workers in 23 states
Child care is in demand. This is what the gig looks like during COVID-19
How ridesharing drivers can now protect themselves and their drivers
Gig Workers: You can now apply for grants of $ 1,000 and loans of $ 150,000 through the SBA
Use a bridge job to get money, but don’t stop there
Get paid to protect seniors as Papa Pal
5 Tips To Help You Make More Money On Your Grocery Delivery Gig
Uber rates have fallen 94%. Here’s what drivers should do:
Instacart needs buyers. Here’s how to get started
Grocery stores and delivery companies are hiring more than 700,000 people in response to COVID-19
Gig companies are reacting to the coronavirus. Employees can expect:
Some businesses are thriving amid the coronavirus outbreak
5 grants for guest workers for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic
Lead the professional life

Substack Review: Can This Platform Help You Get Paid To Write Newsletters?
6 Strategies For Freelancers Looking For Coronavirus Paycheck Protection Loan
Help for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Here’s what you need to know in order to start a home grocery business
Here’s how to customize your Airbnb list to make sure it’s safe for guests
This platform connects companies with people who want to support them
Magic Johnson Grants $ 100 Million Assist to Minority Small Businesses
Shopify is committed to empowering small businesses with the new Shop app
These 6 emergency grants for artists can provide relief during COVID-19
This Small Business Resource Hub can help you with the COVID-19 pandemic
Coronavirus Webinars: Free Resources, Small Business Advice
Here’s how small businesses can get help during the coronavirus pandemic
Dear Penny, my tenant owes 4 months rent, but he knows I can’t vacate him
Navigating unemployment

NEW! Unemployment surge: this is how much – and when – every state pays
First round of increased unemployment funds will be introduced in states – not in purses
Are you eligible for the new wave of unemployment? Your questions answered
What we know about President Trump’s recent $ 400 rise in unemployment
A loss of unemployment benefits is inevitable. So prepare yourself
Unemployment benefit expires? 13-week federal extensions are available
The paycheck protection program funds are replenished, applications are reopened
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Application: A State-to-State Guide
Gig workers and freelancers can become unemployed under the coronavirus
These 15 smart tips helped me survive unemployment when I lost my job
Dear Penny, Do I run the risk of unemployment if I work part-time again?
What is your health insurance?

Main employers give hourly workers paid sick leave due to coronavirus
What to do if you need a sick day – and still get rent?
Coronavirus Bill extends paid sick leave. Here’s how to get it
College corner

17 tips to get the most out of your virtual internship

Whether you are looking for a job or moving to home life, we could all use a little guide.

Looking for a job

Use keywords on your resume and other tips for digital job applications
Looking for a job? Here are the best questions to ask in an interview
7 remote jobs that can help you rethink customer service
You have transferable skills. Use them to land a job in a new field
9 interview questions you should answer about working remotely
What to include on your Linkedin profile if you want recruiters to notice you
Finding a job is a tough job in itself. Stick to a schedule to stay at work
This simple three-step guide will help you write a cover letter
Job Seekers: Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a resume
Wear pants – and other tips to prepare for a virtual interview or job fair
Learning skills that you will be hired with

The online contact tracer course can help you find a job right now
5 online certifications will help you develop your soft skills
Codecademy teaches 100,000 unemployed people how to code for free
10 courses to learn new skills during the coronavirus pandemic
So that work-from-home works for you

6 Myths About Remote Work You (and your boss) can stop believing
How to outsmart slow internet while working or studying from home
8 Tips To Help You Survive Working From Home With A Pre-Toddler
Switch to remote work? Prepare your home office (and your mind)
7 Tips From Real Moms On How To Work With Children From Home (And Do It Well)
14 Simple Tech Tips To Help You Master Work From Home
Answers to your HR questions

Boss asks about pandemic travel plans? Here’s what you need to know:
What to do if your boss wants you back at work? But you don’t have childcare?
save money

If you keep calm and avoid panic spending, you will be in better financial shape after the crisis ends.

Around the house

Here’s how to safely make your own disinfectant wipes and sprays
What to do if you need to move during the pandemic
8 Ways To Save Energy By Working From Home All Day
Skip the Store: 8 Homemade Cleaning Products to Keep Your Home Clean and Safe
Body care and wellness

Want a peloton but don’t have $ 2K? Here’s how to find a cheaper alternative
13 Free And Effective Ways To Tackle Your Stress Now
How to take care of your mental health without leaving your home
How to look after your teeth if you don’t get a dentist appointment
3 DIY face masks to do with things you already have
5 Free Pedometer Apps to Count Your Steps and Improve Your Health
Are you thinking of calling a mental health hotline? Here’s what you can expect:
DIY Fitness Equipment: How To Do Weights And Other Exercise Equipment
Do you have a Flex Spending Account? Here are 50+ surprising things that can be worth it for
9 products to help you stay active and healthy while working from home
How to Safely Remove Your Fake Nails
Treat Yourself … For Pennies: 24 Spa Treatments You Can Do At Home
Stylists offer DIY hair care tips for a world without salons
Are you looking to build a cheap home gym? How to spend less than $ 100
Your transportation needs

Should you buy a car now? That’s what the experts say
Do these things instead of canceling your car insurance to save money
3 Ways To Keep Rolling If You’re At The End Of A Car Lease During COVID-19
What to do with your travel plans

You can safely go on vacation during the coronavirus. Here is how
Would you like to travel again? Here are some things to consider first:
Flight tickets are super cheap right now – but should you buy them?
Airlines are responding to coronavirus with bonuses for frequent flyers
Coronavirus ruined plans? You should get at least one refund
Coronavirus Cancellations: What To Expect, From Delta To Disney

Enjoy a drive-in movie experience in a Walmart parking lot – for free
Military and Veterans: Bring your family to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld for free
Quarantined? 9 free activities to keep boredom at bay
Bored? Scared? 6 ways to save yourself from a retail therapy trap
Keep in touch with family and friends

10 date night ideas for the home to keep romance alive
Here’s how to have a virtual baby shower that everyone can enjoy
How to protect your finances from abuse during the pandemic
9 ways to help family and friends without digging a hole yourself
Dogs also isolate. 4 affordable ways to pamper your pet during quarantine
For brunch or book club: 7 free services to keep in touch with the family
I celebrated my birthday alone during the coronavirus. It really wasn’t lonely
Children’s things

9 cool virtual excursions let your children explore the world – from home
This mom shares 5 brilliant strategies for home schooling on a budget
No shopping spree is required for a new homeschool area. How to save
4 solutions for affordable academic help for the coming school year
Keep the kids studying at home with these 12 free educational resources
Shopping and delivery

Walmart Plus launches September 15th. Will it be the next Amazon Prime?
These 15 grocery stores will do the shopping for you with no pick up fees
Can you pay for groceries online with an EBT card? Yes – here is where
The aim is to roll off the free collection of fresh and frozen food
Do you rely on Amazon more these days? These tips will keep you safe
We’ve broken down the best grocery delivery services so you don’t have to
This is how you shop in bulk and save money
Ship vs. Instacart: This is how they stack up against each other
Should you sign up for Instacart? Our honest evaluation will help you make a decision
Do not click “Buy” before downloading these Chrome Shopping Extensions
We’ve broken down the best grocery delivery services so you don’t have to
Intelligent savings strategies

Money-saving habits to stick with even as you go out of your way
Do you need to increase your savings? Here are 8 options
5 Smart Things You Can Do With Your Stimulus Check
Barter: get what you need without spending any money
7 Resources to Help You Meet Essential Requirements in the Face of Coronavirus
5 ways to deal with coronavirus isolation without ruining your finances

Throwing your budget out the window during a crisis may be tempting, but you need a budget more than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic.

6 Financial Considerations For Parents Thinking About Quitting Work
The pandemic changed the way we buy food. Please note the following:
4 Post Shutdown Money Moves To Make As You Adjust To The New Normal
Dear Penny, I got stuck at home with dog fever. Can i afford an adoption?
How to negotiate with your landlord if you can’t pay rent
This advice will help you get the most out of your Coronavirus Relief Check
Ask yourself these questions before spending your emergency money
5 tips for adjusting your budget in a crisis
Stimulus check and control

Here’s what you need to know to qualify for and receive a stimulus checkup.

The next stimulus bill

NEW! A second stimulus check is unlikely to take place. Here’s why
Here’s when you could get a second stimulus check (note: not in August)
5 burning questions about the suspension of income tax
Do Trump Unemployment and Payroll Tax Orders Mean More Money For You?
8 Frequently Asked Questions About Lowering Income Taxes: Who Would It Help And How Much Could You Save?
The second stimulus check isn’t limited to those earning less than $ 40,000
Next Stimulus Check Will likely include college students and dependent adults
We’ll probably get a second stimulus check. 4 big questions we have
7 facts about the next aid law: the latest information on unemployment and economic reviews

When to expect a check

Are you still waiting for your stimulus check? How to report it as missing
How To Get Your Coronavirus Stimulus To Check If You Are Homeless
Second round of stimulus testing? Why you shouldn’t rely on it
7 situations you could get more incentive money in 2021
9 Ways To Track Your Coronavirus Check If Your Status Is Not Available Yet
Where is my coronavirus check? 8 reasons you didn’t get your money
Here is our most recent information on the $ 1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: 32 questions answered
Taxes: Filing, Refunds, and Impact on Your Stimulus Review

4 Ways To Prevent The Payroll Tax Cut From Lowering Your 2021 Paycheck
Yes, your unemployment is taxable. But if you owe something, don’t panic
If you’re not filing taxes, register by October 15 for a stimulus check
It’s now even easier for people who don’t file taxes to get a coronavirus check-up
Are you still waiting for your tax refund? Here’s what you can do about it
No, you don’t pay any taxes on your Coronavirus Relief Check. Here’s why
Social Security & Coronavirus Reviews: 4 more times you should still file taxes
Child loans and dependents

6 Reasons You Didn’t Get $ 500 Stimulus Credit For Your Child (And What To Do)
$ 500 Child Coronavirus Payments: How To Tell If Your Child Is Qualified
Dear Penny: If my boyfriend is my addict, will I get his coronavirus money?
If someone owes you child benefit, do you get their coronavirus check-up?
Mistakes, Fraud, and Stolen Checks

Dear Penny, my stimulus check cost $ 1,500. Is my ex to blame?
Dear Penny, what can you do if your stimulus check falls short?
IRS takes stimulus check calls. Good luck that someone answers
It is believed that you will return stimulus checks for the dead. What if you don’t?
Officials warn of stimulus testing fraud. Here’s what to look out for
What if the IRS sent your coronavirus check to the wrong bank?


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Invest and Retire

It is important that you keep your money safe – and keep as much of it as you can – but remember that this is still a moment in your financial life. Take a deep breath and learn how to manage your financial accounts.

Why the S&P 500 just hit a record even though the economy is in ruins
10 ways to customize your plans if you are about to retire
Dear Penny, I was released at 62. Should I retire and take out social security?
Why taking money out of retirement isn’t so terrible right now
Everyone you know is losing their jobs. Why does the stock market fluctuate?
Dear Penny, Should Retirees Pay Back Their Mortgages in a Volatile Market?
Why Nursing Homes Can’t Touch Your Stimulus Check Even When On Medicaid
4 Ways To Invest Your Coronavirus Check (Even If You Have Never Invested Before)
Dear Penny, my husband is on vacation. Should we use 401 (k) to cash out home?
Coronavirus Bill makes typing on your 401 (k) easier. Should you?
Dear Penny, I just retired. What does coronavirus mean for my savings?
Don’t panic: what to do with your 401 (k) if the stock market falls?

Dealing with debt at any other time can be difficult enough without the added pandemic stress. This is how you handle the bills now – your future self will thank you.

Student Loans

What To Do If You Need More Bucks For College This Fall?
4 steps you need to take now to permanently reduce your student loan bill
Go to college this fall? Here’s how to plan a pandemic
5 Questions To Ask Before Deciding If Student Loan Forbearance Can Help You
Can’t Afford College Now? There are 3 options to consider here
Dear Penny, Should I Use Student Loan Forbearance to Pay Off Other Debts?
3 Ways To Attack Private Student Loans When You Can’t Pay Due To COVID-19
How To Get A Temporary Break From Student Loans Due To COVID-19
Credit cards

Put an end to plastic? How to properly cancel a credit card
Put away the plastic? 3 ways to protect an unused credit card
5 Ways To Pay Off Credit Card Debt You Accumulated In Quarantine
Is the fire dead? 3 ways to customize your financial independence goals
Before Using Your Stimulus Check For Debt Payments, Ask These 3 Questions
Here’s how to look for credit card relief if you can’t pay due to coronavirus
In the crisis you can no longer pay credit card bills? This program can help
In the middle of a crisis? 6 Ways To Manage Your Finances To Avoid Debt
Mortgage and rent

8 FAQs for tenants and landlords about Trump’s temporary eviction ban
Foreclosure moratorium extended to the end of 2020 – what it means for you
How to find out whether your landlord can evacuate you now
Should You Refinance Your Mortgage Now? You must note the following:
Is a HELOC a good idea – even during a pandemic?
Here’s what you need to know about finding mortgage help
Help when you can’t pay your bills

Use this health service to pay off medical bills – even the elderly
Stressed out about money? 4 Free Resources for Financial Advice
How do I get an emergency loan? 4 options, best to worst
Can’t you plan for the next week? 5 ways to manage money during uncertain times
Are you falling behind with your credit card payments? Here is a plan that might help
Difficult times? Here’s what to do if you can’t pay your bills
Do you need cash now? Check out these 3 sources of money
Are you thinking of delaying medical care now? So this could cost you
Do you think you might lose your job soon? Make These 5 Money Moves Now
Credit scores

Here’s what you need to know to protect your creditworthiness before, during, and after the crisis.

10 money setbacks that surprisingly don’t affect your creditworthiness
Dear Penny, my car lender made me skip payments then I said I was a criminal
All 3 credit bureaus offer free weekly credit reports for a year
Dear Penny, if my credit score goes down due to COVID-19, can I recover?

When a pandemic hits, insurance can be more important than ever.

Wedding Insurance: Protect Your Investment On Your Big Day
4 telemedicine options for germ-free doctor visits – even without insurance
Concerned About College This Year? What you should know about tuition fees
No, the travel insurance does not cover coronavirus. Other things you need to know:
4 Affordable telemedicine options for germ-free doctor visits – even without insurance
Drive less because of the coronavirus? You may receive a refund from your insurer
How to get health insurance coverage if you’ve lost your job due to the coronavirus
House purchase

This doesn’t seem like the ideal time to buy a home, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Here’s some advice if you need to buy or sell a home amid the pandemic.

No open day? Here are 6 questions to ask on a virtual trip home
Virtual staging: A cheaper way to market your home
4 things to consider before buying a home during the pandemic
Should You Sell Your Home During the Pandemic? Real estate agents weigh in
Dear Penny, we broke due to COVID-19 but stuck together in our house
Bank accounts

Many banks not only encourage mobile banking to promote social distancing, but they also support customers who are struggling with financial difficulties.

High yield savings accounts no longer deserve what they used to do. Here’s why
Yes, your bank deposits are safe – even in a turbulent economy
These banks provide support for customers affected by coronavirus (updated)
It’s a stressful time, but making clear headed monetary decisions – before fear or illness can trigger them – can help you emerge from the other side of this virus without suffering financial havoc too. Together we can do it all.

Tiffany Wendeln Connors is an associate and editor at The Penny Hoarder. Read her bio and other work here, then catch her on Twitter @TiffanyWendeln.

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