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This Toll-free Debit Card Pays Up To 5% Cash Back And Up To 11x Average Interest

This toll-free debit card pays up to 5% cash back and up to 11x average interest

Cashback credit cards are fantastic. You can only get paid to buy groceries or fill up your gas tank.

This is basically extra money as long as you only buy what you would normally buy and cash out your balance every month.

Unfortunately, these cards can be difficult to qualify for. Credit card companies don’t just hand them out. To get your hands on this cashback plastic, you may need a near-flawless credit history. Let’s be honest: many of us don’t.

However, we found another option.

It’s a debit card called Aspiration.

This online account comes with a debit card that gives you up to 5% cashback on your debit card spending and up to 11 times the average interest (the FDIC says the average account only earns 0.09%) for the from You set money to save aside.

That means you can make money every time you swipe your card.

No wonder Money Magazine named Aspiration “The Best Checking Account in America”.

Get paid every time you swipe your debit card

This is actually an account that does a number of different things. You can pay your bills, build your savings, invest, and earn interest – all in one place.

Aspiration offers:

You will of course get your money back. (Bonus!)
The debit card does not include a monthly maintenance fee and low minimum fees.
It pays off up to 11 times the national average APY of 0.09% on your savings.
It only takes a few minutes to sign up now and get your money back – for groceries, gasoline and the hardware store. Wherever you spend your hard-earned money.

Tell the credit card companies to take a hike. You no longer need them or their approval.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.

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