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6 Women Reveal Which Companies They Invest In And Why

6 women reveal which companies they invest in and why

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The gender pay gap is often the first thing discussed when it comes to financial disparities between men and women in the United States. However, there is another gap in investment that can add to wealth creation over the course of a lifetime.

Actually, reported that the investment gap may cause women to amass $ 1 million less than men over the years. In addition, there is data that suggests this Women talk about their finances less often as men, which means they can miss out on important financial literacy opportunities.

Fortunately, things are changing in the investment world., a free investment app that offers fractions of thousands of publicly traded stocks and ETFs, is building a social class around the stock market to invite a diverse investor community to share ideas and engage in open dialogue about investing.

To get an idea of ​​where real women put their money, we asked six members to share some of their latest investments.

Sarah Hawkins, co-founder of Pretty Thing

Sarah Hawkins invests in Camping World

I’m a big believer in Camping World Hlds (CHW) as Marcus Lemonis’ approach of raving business feedback and collecting the small business community, not just domestic ground travel, is likely to boom this summer amid COVID-19 . Zoom meetings, Instagram Lives, recruiting new team members on Twitter, what you call it. This down-to-earth approach factor goes a long way towards staying nimble. Just take a look at the new model CHW is bringing out and you will see what I mean.

Symone Snowden-Wright, B2C growth at Stripe

6 women reveal which companies they invest in and why -Symone Snowden WrightSymone Snowden-Wright invests in beauty and apparel brands

When I started using Public I asked myself, “Where do I even start?” It’s very simple: do what you know! I invest in beauty and apparel brands that are innovative, authentic and embody things that I want to support, e.g. B. colored people or women in their C-suite. My knowledge base from my extensive experience in working and tracking these industries enables me to invest based on expertise and share that information with friends and followers along the way!

Ritta Kelly, model and entrepreneur

6 women reveal which companies they invest in and why - Ritta KellyRitta Kelly invests in technology and games

While investing and trading is still fairly new (social distancing was good for me), I quickly got excited about investing in companies that I believe have a strong future for the future. Overall, I’ve been extremely optimistic when it comes to companies focused on technology and games. We just can’t deny that technology is indeed the future and will continue to change the way we function and thrive as a race. While it’s an ever-growing market, the rise of esports and booming popularity only forces me to invest even more. Some that I have personally invested in are DraftKings (DKNG), Activision (ATVI), and Microsoft (MSFT).

Tiffany Skinner, Area Coordinator at Lee University

6 Women Share Which Companies They Invest In And Why - Tiffany SkinnerTiffany Skinner invests in SaaS companies like Adobe, Shopify, and The Trade Desk

One market sector that I believe will grow and maintain profitability over the long term is software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. As the world continues to move towards more and more online services– –which only accelerated COVID-19– –These companies provide the software systems to make everything possible. Many are subscription based; This means they have recurring revenue streams with pricing power – in other words, they will be able to stay profitable year after year. Some of these companies that I have invested in are: Atlassian, Adobe, Shopify, The Trade Desk, and Microsoft to name a few!

Kasey Brown, growth at Stripe

6 women reveal which companies they invest in and why - Kasey BrownKasey Brown invests in Shopify and DraftKings

Recently I was very optimistic about Shopify (SHOP). SMEs– –small and medium business– –Carry our economy and Shopify provides tremendous resources for owners to quickly pan around with simple turnkey solutions. Shopify is in a great position to grow as it lowers the barrier to entry into the ever-growing ecommerce arena. I’ve grown 78% since my first investment in March. I also believe that DraftKings (DKNG) is in a great position for growth, especially after the recent livestream deal. I’ve grown 93% since my first investment in April.

Lauren Messner, Incoming Analyst at Wells Fargo

6 women reveal which companies they invest in and why - Lauren MessnerLauren Messner invests in Albemarle

One of my longest positions in my public portfolio is Albemarle (ALB), an industry leader in lithium and lithium derivatives. I believe the demand for lithium will skyrocket as more companies produce battery powered goods as people focus more on their sustainability initiatives. As more and more people demand electric vehicles and other battery-powered goods, lithium companies will need to produce more (which makes them more money). It also reduces emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, which improves public health and slows climate change.

The public puts a social class on the stock market, making it possible to own a slice of thousands of publicly traded stocks and ETFs for as little as $ 5. Sign up now to follow these investors and more.

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