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What Financial Personality Is Based On Your Selection Of Coronavirus Masks?

What financial personality is based on your selection of coronavirus masks?

As the pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives, we have all been forced to make changes to our normal routines. One of the biggest changes is adding a mask to our list of essential clothing items.

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Everyone has adapted to the need to wear a mask differently. Some never leave home without the best mask available, while others are careful not to wear one.

What do your masks wearing tendencies tell us about your personal financial habits?

Let’s find out.

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The player

As a player, you choose not to wear a mask. In general, you can be very comfortable with risks.

Your finances are no different. If you enjoy spending money to satisfy your short-term pleasures without considering your long-term finances, you likely fall into this category.

You could benefit significantly from trying the budget, but aren’t ready to give up on spending freedom right now. If you choose to invest in your future, you will tend to invest in risky investments with high returns.

The rule chaser

What financial personality is your selection of coronavirus masks based on - The Rule Chaser

Typically, follow the instructions carefully to prevent COVID-19. With careful selection, you’ll wear a mask in all public settings and follow the six-foot-high social distancing recommendations.

You probably have one fixed budget and spend consciously. With your long-term goals in mind, you work to build a stable financial future.

The beginner

What financial personality is your selection of coronavirus masks based on - The Beginner

As a beginner, you wear a mask, but you may not follow all social distancing recommendations. While you do your best to follow the rules, you may not have the time or interest to read up on all of the details.

In your personal finances, you are also on a beginner basis. Currently your goals are too Build up credit, Pay off debtsand improve your overall financial situation by starting investing. As you learn more, you will continue to adapt to meet your financial goals.

The frugal one

What financial personality is your selection of coronavirus masks based on - the frugal one

The frugal part of you can imagine spending more on a mask than you need to. You have done your research and you have chosen a high quality mask at an affordable price. While you want to be sure, don’t plan on spending more than you need. With this, you are choosing to wash your mask regularly rather than buying several to rotate it.

Your natural frugal tendencies have had a positive impact on your finances. You’re sticking to a budget and stashing your savings for long-term goals. With a comfortable lifestyle, you can enjoy the simple pleasures in life without breaking the bank. Some may assume you are missing something when looking at your life. But you feel comfortable with Your spending decisions. And you won’t let that happen Idea to keep up with it Joneses tell you how to spend your money.

The practical outdoor converter

What financial personality is your selection of coronavirus masks based on - The handy outdoor converter

With all the convenience of an outdoor enthusiast, you always had several Buffs AKA gaiters around the house. Instead of spending money on new masks, you’ve turned your leggings collection into a mask of your choice.

In the midst of the pandemic, your lifestyle hasn’t changed too dramatically. You have always preferred to spend your free time on the water or hiking up a mountain – several hundred meters away from others. But whenever you need to be in closer contact with other people, always bring a buff to keep yourself and others safe.

The practical nature of your hobbies allows you to spend as much as you can. You might even have the savings goal Financial independence so you can spend more time outside. Whatever your long-term financial goals, you are still spending money on the things that matter most to you – like a reliable boat and useful hiking gear.

The minimalist

What financial personality are you based on your coronavirus masks - The Minimalist

They act like you’re wearing a homemade mask with scraps of material you already have on hand. Instead of spending your hard earned money on a new mask, you’ve decided to make your own. In general, you live a life with a “don’t want to waste” attitude.

With the aim of Maintaining a minimalist lifestyleYou spend your money carefully. You don’t run into the overspending problem with Amazon as you rarely make an impulse buy. You can easily stick to a budget and try to keep your investment plans simple. For example, you might prefer to tuck your savings in High Yield Savings Accounts and investing in index funds as opposed to practical options like real estate rentals.

The chin guard fan

What financial personality is your selection of coronavirus masks based on - The Chin Guard Fan

Are you really wearing a mask if the mask you’re wearing doesn’t cover your mouth and nose? You may even be wearing a chin guard. While this will protect your chin from scratches, it will not protect you – or anyone else – from airborne infectious diseases like COVID-19.

In your personal finances, the decisions you make reflect a level of irresponsibility (don’t worry, you are not the only one!). They claim that you want to make big moves of money, but most of the time they allow your plans to fall apart. For example, you often think about creating a budget but never get around to it.

Now is the perfect time to really take care of your finances. You’ve probably figured out by this point that you really need an emergency fund and / or sign up for one of Money Under 30’s free finance courses if you ever want to get further than living from paycheck to paycheck.

The big donor

What financial personality are you based on your coronavirus masks - The big financier

Not all masks are created equal and the question is how much do you spend on a mask? Spending more money on a mask doesn’t mean it offers better protection. However, it can be more convenient and durable after being washed several times.

They tend to buy the most expensive items without considering the cheaper options that may be just as good. With a penchant for overspending, you may have difficulty meeting your long-term financial goals. Even if you have a high-paying job, you may not seem to be able to meet your long-term savings goals.

The brand loyalty

What financial personality is your selection of coronavirus masks based on - The Showoff

Just because you have to wear a mask everywhere doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. So you’ve decided to take on a mask from your favorite designer, business, TV show, band, etc. You might even have masks that you swap out with different outfit styles.

Aside from choosing to show off a designer mask, there are other areas of your life that you have to upgrade to. With the help of inflation in lifestyle over time, you have built a life that looks good, but may hardly be affordable. If you are Borrow money to fund your lifestyleThen you may be going too far with your luxury upgrades. You want to take into account seriously budgeting, Increase your income with a part-time job, and Research into suitable balance transfers dig out of this hole.

The expert

What financial personality are you based on your coronavirus masks - The Expert

As an expert, you know more than the average punter. Of course you are wearing the right type of mask! They also know everything about the global spread of viruses and the risks associated with the pandemic and are up to date with the latest news and the latest reports and recommendations from the CDC.

The same goes for your personal finances. They know more than just budgeting basics. Indeed, you could have a comprehensive retirement that takes the global economic picture into account. Since you know the pros and cons of finance, feel free to share your advice with family and friends.

The mask distributor

What financial personality are you based on your coronavirus masks - The big financier

Not only do you wear your mask, you also hand out masks to your friends and family. You know the importance of wearing a mask and you don’t want anyone to go without it for financial reasons. As a generous friend, you are happy to help!

You worked hard to build a financial base. With a combination of sideline activity, career negotiation, and a solid savings strategy, you’ve tucked away a whole lot of money. Since you know you can live comfortably, you are more than willing to be generous with your happiness. In addition to donating your money and pandemic supplies, you are also volunteering your community whenever you can.


The pandemic has forced many companies and people to show their true colors. How you wear your mask can tell a lot about your lifestyle and personal finances.

Are you surprised by your results? Let us know in the comments!

Editor’s Note: Money under 30 cannot emphasize the importance of wearing masks enough to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In cases where wearing a mask may not be possible, adjustments and alternatives should be considered.

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