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Quarantine Check-in And Savings, You?

Quarantine check-in and savings, you?


Here’s a quick corona check-in here:

  • Number of days now self-quarantined: 13
  • Number of people infected in our household: 0
  • Number of days it took to feel “normal”: 5 (amazing how quickly you adapt!)
  • How many times have I screamed “OH HELL NO!” after the message: 387
  • How many times have I closed the news and promised never to look again: 387;)
  • How often have I invested in the crash market so far: 3
  • State of happiness for children: Disneyland levels !!
  • Parent Mental Health Status: Have You Ever Seen A Yo-Yo About Drugs? 😉

Other things I’ve realized in the past couple of days:

We are fortunate to have jobs that we can do entirely online. (And thank the inventors of the internet every day for being the glue that holds this world together!)

We are no longer trying to keep our house tidy. We were good for about 3 days and then all the chaos broke down and lost all energy to keep up to date, lol … (not like someone visiting anyway!)

We stopped trying to keep our 1 year olds from dragging over the walls (free art right?)

Baby Doodles

I am once grateful for our big ass lawn and our decent house! Two of the bigger areas that ironically worried me the most when I bought it last year! (Although I am sure that I will reverse the post-pandemic;))

I’m much more peaceful with dying when it’s my time to go … Not that I think this is coming anytime soon or that I wish it would, but it definitely worked. I had to think more and found myself telling the woman almost every day that I am happy and fulfilled when my time runs out! 😉 And now you know it too! So only parties when I’m gone – no grief !!

And in the end we save a lot of money through all of this … Although of course I would give everything back immediately to get this over with …

Here’s a rough breakdown from above:

  • Daycare Savings: $ 1,000
  • Karate Lessons: $ 100
  • Coffee shops: $ 80
  • Gas: $ 50 (?)
  • Entertainment: $ 100 (?)
  • Total savings: $ 1,330

But we also spent a little more:

  • Extra meal: $ 200
  • Extra shipments: $ 100 (?)
  • New Chromebook for kids and e-learning / streaming / whatever we need to do as the school year is officially closed for the rest of the school year (!!): $ 160
  • A new (physical) subscription to a local newspaper a couple of times a week: $ 20 (funny story with that – the day after I signed up, I received a call from a newspaper representative who literally asked me if this was a mistake , lol… No I’m just trying to do my part to support the industry and give myself something new in isolation! 🙂
  • Additional total expenses: $ 480

Total Real Savings In That First Month: $ 850. And then about $ 1,000 every month in a row because we weren’t going to buy Chromebooks or more replacement accessories or anything … Though Lord knows what’s in store by then! I am seldom surprised anymore – every day seems like a month during this, doesn’t it ?!

In any case, this is the update in the Money budget here …

Oh, that, and we’re not millionaires anymore, haha ​​… The slightest worry in the world;) I’ve gotten a couple of notes lately asking if that means we’re releasing our fortunes again but unfortunately these times are over, although I appreciate creativity 🙂

How are you?! Quiet and collected, or at least pretending to be? 😉 Has anyone caught it yet or does he live in one of the super cordoned off areas ?!

I know some people think this is all an overreaction and I would love it if they are right, but it just so happens that we are not doing our best to take the advice of the experts and do our part to slow the down Distribution…

I’m not sure when it will end but we will all make it !! Send my love to everyone!

Mona Lisa masterpiece by Sumanley

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