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Stay Wild And Focused! | Budgets Are Sexy

Stay wild and focused! | Budgets are sexy


A lot of scary and fearful news is going on around us right now, but there is also a lot of POSITIVE happening in our community!

Here are a couple of notes I saved from people who killed them over the past couple of months and I just know MORE is to come because you are all fierce and focused!

Don’t let this madness hit you !! Your freedom is still within reach !!


Tomorrow J. Money,

This morning I made my last student loan payment! I’ve paid off $ 86,000 in debt between my student loan and a car loan in four years. Man, it’s good to be debt free by 33 (I’ll be 33 next month).

Cheers from Richmond VA.

– Kevin


Hey J!

I just have to share … I sold my expensive and expensive apartment. Moved to a modest 4 bedroom ranch in the town next door with low property taxes. We’ll save about $ 7,500 a year and pocket $ 62,000 in profit. Has taken out a $ 109,000 mortgage. Payments are $ 480 per month. Retirement here i come !!

(Not really. I still enjoy working, but my retirement will be less stressful if it happens. Woot Woot!)

– B.


Aloha J money!

Your emails are the first thing I read every morning and it inspired me to reach FIRE at the age of 45 to pursue my passions without the 9 to 5 (or 6 to 6 in my case, since I started building) Industry).

I just turned 37 and made $ 228,000 in investments between my wife and me. Three years ago we had over $ 60,000 in debt plus a mortgage and less $ 20,000 in investments. I have now started renting jeeps on Turo and investing as much as possible in our Roth IRA, 401k, brokerage accounts and real estate crowdfunding through

Thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and motivation!



I just wanted you to know I paid one of my credit cards !! Now I can take what I paid for one and bet for the other !! I expect to be free of credit card debt by the end of the year !! (I will still have debt and a car loan). Still, thanks for all the encouragement !!!


Hello J. Money,

My name is Andrew Lander and I am a professional voice actor thanks to you!

I was desperately looking for a side business last year and landed on your article on your blog, “70+ Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side”.

Side Hustle # 60 with voice actress Carrie Olsen took me down an exciting street where I just wanted to consume everything about the voice over industry.

Since I was positively obsessed with my new life goal, I invested in one-to-one tuition, practiced day and night, and when I was told I was β€œready to demo,” I started auditioning for whatever I could!

Just 6 months later, fast forward and I booked my first appearance in an indie video game!

While Carrie was the guest, I want to thank you for giving her a platform to share her story that inspired me to pursue a dream I didn’t know I had.

With a big thank you and many other booked gigs,

Andrew Lander
Business casual voice overs

Andrew Lander


Hey J,

Had to share this with someone.

Just a small step down the road, but it’s the first time my 401k scale has cracked half a million. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Have a great day!

– Gene Roberts


J $,

I downloaded your Net Worth template in 2016 and it honestly changed my life. Since then, my net worth has tripled, my savings have skyrocketed, the template has become a massive beast of my own creation, and I actually know where my money comes from, where it goes, and how much it makes. I just want to say thank you.

<3 $ tickyWicket

P.S. When I showed my CPA the NW file, he got dizzy and said, β€œOh yay !! You are my favorite customer! “


I’ve been paying in and out credit card debt for as long as I can remember, but last year I finally repaid them all and swear not to use them all year. I took it out of my wallet and put it in a safe place in my house.

While paying off all credit cards, I’ve managed to maximize my 401k and contribute to Roth IRAs for the past 4 years! Go me This year I really plan to stick with my credit card year!


Hi J $; read every day but rarely post.

I picked up on this from an old post of yours, but the idea is repeated many times. I had a month with no expenses. I’ve paid for my house, electricity, etc. BUT no going out, entertainment, wandering the shopping malls. I filled my gas tank on the 1st, bought fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, and decided what I COULD spend that month.

Milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables – everything is fine. Otherwise very little. I searched my freezer, pantry, and friends’ brains for good ideas and spent less than $ 100 on groceries for the month. Unfortunately, I can do this for at least another month because my pantry AND freezer are still full. I walked a lot, read a lot of books, and used the free wifi. such things. I paid cash when I went to the food / farmers market.

It came down to … I’ve learned that I can comfortably live on a hell of a lot less than I’ve spent. *shudder*. And my budget needs adjusting so I’m redirecting the $$ where they will work for me.

As I said, I’ve read your blog for a long time. I am grateful for the strange ideas you are collecting everywhere, along with your own. I can’t tell you what motivated me to have a month without spending, but I can tell you that the training was worth it. Thank you again for keeping the fire burning. I work to improve my finances every day!


I started tracking my fortune in March 2013 after finding your blog – $ 66,000. We’re just over 6 years later and at ~ $ 450,000. I honestly would love a damn recession so I can still bring in some cash! [Got his wish there! – J$]

– Chris,


We finally hit half a million fortunes last week! And I didn’t even know until my wife told me this weekend! Considering we met 6 years ago and I had a fortune of $ 5,000 at the time and my wife said she had about $ 30,000, I’d say it was pretty good!

Although there was an inheritance of $ 75,000 there in 2015, we can credit about $ 400,000 in about 6 years (I still can’t believe those numbers!). Sorry, you are probably one of the few who can understand how crazy this sounds! I lived from paycheck to paycheck until I was 30, and now I’m half a millionaire! Wooooo!


Thanks to the Money Show Podcast, my life has turned 180 degrees. I went from spending too much, investing too little, and having accumulated debt to being in a strong financial position.

In less than a year since discovering the show and the FI community, both my significant other and I have paid off all of our debts ($ 49,000 total), saved over 6 months each in emergency savings, and now conveniently saved / invested over 53% our income.

I grew up in poverty so I hope you know that learning about financial responsibility makes a huge difference to people like me. My life will be forever bettered thanks to the resources I found including bloggers / podcasters like you!


I found an old Excel file from 2008 tracking my cash tips from the college waitress (I’ve always loved Excel). In this file, I found that I had $ 3,221.13 in my bank account which is the size of my net worth.

Today my net worth is over $ 215,000 !!! I’ve been following it for the 2 years since I found your blog so I know how much it has grown, but it’s especially impressive to see how far I’ve come since college.

– Shawna


I started reading your blog when I was on my last job where my boss didn’t like me because of my political affiliation. I got unhappy at work and felt like I had to stay because I had expenses and just “growing up” doing what I had to do.

I quit this job and started my own business and never looked back. I left them a 200 page exit memo, but leaving was the most liberating thing I did and I never wanted to be able to feel trapped at work again.

During my consultation, I looked for the next one that was right for me. It took me about 7 months which I got along well with. Thanks to your blog, I had an emergency fund and didn’t have to use my savings at all. I was willing to take my time until I found a role that worked for me. Usually people find the job and then they leave, but this place was so toxic it made me feel better when I didn’t have a job than being there.

Fast forward to today I’m in such a great place where people are really so kind and love what they do. I make a little over $ 67,000 on my day job which I save 50% of and a little over $ 73,000 on the side of which I save 100%. (Note: I’m waiting for a $ 50,000 contract to be signed that would bring me a little more than $ 120,000 in extra income.)

You lit a FIRE under me to float like no other. I save, invest and challenge myself to focus on goals and smash them. It all happened at once, but honestly, waking up, reading your blog and having the right attitude is what it does for me.

– “Jeremy”


J. Money –

Because of you, I started tracking our fortunes and we’re at $ 750,000.

We got here by diligently saving $$$ and have ramped it up especially in the past few years. My current employer equals 18% of our salary / bonus which is incredible. We have T. Rowe Price, and they consistently say we are the top company among all of their retirement plans. That helped me put $ 50,000 tax-free every year into my retirement.

Hopefully I can reach a fortune of $ 1,000,000 roughly 40 years old … 2.5 years away! I love the articles and ideas that inspire them. Bottom up!

Other details:

  • We have $ 200,000 home equity
  • $ 100,000 savings
  • Retirement accounts of $ 250,000
  • Other cash savings of $ 200,000 (non-retirement)
  • I drive a 15 year old racquet (paid) and the woman a 7 year old minivan (paid).

– Debt free in RVA


And finally, what I now recommend DOUBLE:

Hey J.

Our joint podcast interview inspired me to turn off social media from my life from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. It was great for my family. I’ve been doing this for 4 weeks in a row now. Thank you!

– Andy Hill


Keep it up !!

This is the part of the journey that will make you great !!!

Do not stop!

Don't stop believing that

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