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Whats New This Tax Season

The 2019 Tax Code changes and the subsequent Government shut down will have lasting effects all returns filed early this year. Ask us how we can assist you with our No Fee | No APR Loan Products with no obligation.

At TMB & Associates, our highly experienced team offers the services you need for the lowest rate with the best tax advantage. Whether you’re looking to file on behalf of your business or navigate the newfound complexities of a personal return, our professionals are committed to providing you with a seamless experience.

Offering affordable rates for all of the services, we specialize in assisting small businesses and busy individuals seeking a painless tax experience.

Our personalized approach to service begins with quickly responding to your initial inquiry, with a free consultation.  We establish recommendations on how to proceed. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll give your books and receipts a thorough examination. While paying attention to the details, we’ll identify your credits and deductions, fill out the appropriate forms, and complete the return in a timely fashion. We offer:

  • Competitive rates & Senior/Low Income Discounts
  • NO Fee | NO Apr Refund Loan’s up to $6000.00
  • Flexible payment terms and preparer fee financing
  • Paperless Returns & E-filing
  • Mobile Tax Preparation – We will come to you
  • File Remotely – Send us your documents
  • Get Your Refund Fast – Use Refund Transfer (Bank) Products

For your convenience, we offer free telephone consultations and on-site estimates. Walk in’s are welcome at our Lake Merritt location and we are open year round. To learn more about our services, call and speak with one of our helpful associates today or you can book your appointment online and submit your info for a quote on your tax return balance!

1040 Long Form
  • Schedules A & 1-6
  • Up to 3 W-2’s
  • 1099Int, 1099G and/or 1099R
  • Child Tax Credit & EIC
  • Education Credit
  • Foriegn Income $35.00
1040 + Schedule B/D/E
  • Standard/Long Form 1040 & up to 3 W-2’s
  • Child Tax Credit & EIC
  • Capital Gains/Loss
  • Real Estate Income and/or Profit from Sale
1040 + Schedule C EZ
  • 1040 Standard/Long Form
  • Schedule C-Short Form
  • Child Tax Credit & EIC
  • Education Credits
1120 C Corp | 1120 S Corp
  • 1120 Tax Form
  • K-1 Schedule & Partnerships
  • 25% Discount on Individual Returns for Owners
  • 20% Discount on Returns for Employees’
Back Taxes | Paper Filing
  • Previous Years
  • Debt Reduction
  • Record Reconstruction
  • Paper Filing